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People are living longer and working longer — but few organizations have come to grips with the opportunities and challenges that greater longevity brings. ... to consider the impact of longevity on individual and corporate practice ...

Tomorrow's World: A Look at the Demographic and Socio-Economic Structure of the World in 2032
by Clint Laurent ... ... 

Hans Rosling

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Population growth explained with IKEA boxes 
...  why ending poverty – over the coming decades – is crucial to stop population growth. ... 

World population 
World population projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100 ... 


The singularity and the methuselarity: Similarities and differences
Aubrey de Grey. In Studies in health technology and informatics 149:195-202. 2009.
... “quality-adjusted life year” or QALY.10 ... 

Quality-adjusted life year  
... One QALY equates to one year in perfect health.

Biogerontology is the subfield of gerontology dedicated to studying the specifically biological processes resulting in senescence.

Senescence or biological aging is the gradual deterioration of functional characteristics


America is changing demographically. Here’s how county compares
Large demographic shifts are reshaping America. In urban counties, nonwhites now make up a clear majority of the population, while solid majorities in suburban and rural areas are white. Urban and suburban counties are gaining population due to an influx of immigrants in both types of counties, as well as domestic migration into suburban areas. Rural counties, however, have made only minimal population gains since 2000 as more people have left for urban or suburban areas than have moved in. And while the population is graying in all three types of communities, this is happening more rapidly in the suburbs than in urban and rural counties. ... 

Demography and investing

Demographic theory 
Because people have fairly typical spending patterns through their life cycle, such as spending on schooling, marriage, first car purchase, first home purchase, upgrade home purchase, maximum earnings period, maximum retirement savings and retirement, demographic anomalies such as baby booms and busts exert a rather predictable influence on the economy over a long time period. Harry Dent has written extensively on demographics and economic cycles. Tylecote (1991) devoted a chapter to demographics and the long cycle.

Harry Dent  
Criticism: Marketwatch Columnist Chuck Jaffe opines that, tell "people what they want to hear, and they will flock to your door."